Tutor Matching Program

The Telfer Accounting Club would like to announce our new Tutor Matching Program! This program will allow students who would like to receive tutoring to connect with other students who would like to be tutors.

TAC is creating this database to help its members have access to resources promoting academic success. We do not guarantee you tutoring hours. We only aim to serve as a connection between students and tutors. Fees, hours, and any other details are to be sorted out between the tutor and tutee – the nature of this academic relationship is entirely up to you. At the end of a tutoring session, tutees will be sent a feedback form on their tutor in order to asses the effectiveness of the process and the tutoring itself.


Want to be a tutor?

We’re starting off by inviting all students who would like to BE a tutor to fill out the form below. In order for your registration to be successful, you need to submit your transcript by e-mail at exec@accountingclub.ca and have an A- (8) or higher in the class(es) you wish to tutor. Please note that your transcripts will only be used to confirm the grade that was attributed to you in the class you wish to tutor. We will delete your transcripts after such confirmation and only the executive members of TAC will have access to the information.

Please fill out the English or French form based on which classes you’d like to tutor for. If you’d like to be a tutor for classes in both French and English, please fill out BOTH forms and ensure that you select the corresponding classes in each form.

Register Here Inscrivez-vous ici


Need a tutor?

If you’re looking for a tutor for any of your classes, fill out the form below! Once we receive your submission, we’ll look through our tutor database and send you the contact information of tutor(s) who are available to help you out with the classes you indicated on your form.